I am a Board member of a medium sized, mixed-use complex in Gilroy.
We hired
Professional Association Services (PAS) following a decade or more of being linked with other management companies. It was not until PAS came on board that we discovered just how badly the previous managers functioned.
Saddled with incomplete or incompetent information passed down from other firms, PAS stepped in and immediately conducted a comprehensive and thorough examination of our situation. It took nearly six months, but through their ability to handle tough challenges coupled with their vast experience, PAS was able to “right the ship” and finally put us on the path where we should have been. The HOA is now in a much better place for it. Both fiscally AND operationally.
Communication is key in any setting. Especially in a HOA when multiple parties are constantly engaged. One of the primary factors for us choosing PAS was their commitment to ensuring full communication and disclosure. Not only to the Board, but Customer Service for the residents as well. Previous management companies all said the same thing only for everyone to be frustrated after the honeymoon was over.
Primary complaints from the residents was that they called the management office and either could not reach anyone, or else their issues were left unresolved. Not such the case with PAS. Since coming on board, complaints from residents in that regard have dwindled to next to nothing. Additionally, PAS also offers a free web site which enables each and every homeowner 24-hour access to all pertinent and relative information concerning our HOA.
For the first time, the Board actually feels as if we have a partner working along with us. Their professionalism and proactive approach to their job makes it a lot easier in accomplishing the many tasks necessary to effectively run a complex.

HOA Board President, Gilroy

PAS and Susan Hoffman have managed our HOA for five years. Susan's follow-up to insure that contractors do the job they were hired to do is outstanding. She holds their feet to the fire until the job is done right. When our exterior paint failed after only one year, she pursued the painters and the paint company until they fulfilled the warranty and repainted the buildings that had deteriorated paint. Our previous management company would send a contractor out to correct a job and submit another bill!
Board Member – San Jose

What I have learned in my 13 years owning a Townhouse, with 4 different management companies over that time, as well as serving on the Board in a Director's position for the past 6 years, is that being a community manager is one tough job. You have the documents that govern the association, the Board and clients that number more than the # of units in the association. There are owners and renters to keep satisfied within the guidelines of the governing documents and then you have vendors to keep moving on projects/maintenance.
PAS perfect, no. Are they tenacious, YES. We have had our manager fight for corrections to be made to projects that were not done correctly. She will not stand for the Association paying for anything other than what it contracted for, and quality workmanship.
While things may not get done on the schedule that an owner/tenant/boardmember/I want, they get done. Rarely do things fall through the cracks.
No owner contacts management to say, "Thanks." Generally when an owner needs to contact management, or the BOD, it is about a problem. Everyone wants their requests accepted. That isn't always managmenent's ability to do. Their job is to run the association as the governing documents state.
Cut your management company some slack! Look at the bottom line and balance your tough reviews on whether your management company is keeping on budget, holding true to the governing documents and managing all of the vendors appropriately. It's a tough juggle for those alone, then add owners/families and tenants/families.
PAS has done an excellent job balancing the these needs and I appreciate their efforts!
Board Member, Los Gatos